Hey! Quick Change Announcement! + A $10 Gift!

Thanks for visiting Ounce Buddy! We just wanted to let you know that to make your life better, we’ve COMBINED this website with our parent site: My28Grams.co!

By doing this, we’ve made it so you can still enjoy the same amazing products at the same amazing prices – but you can now also take advantage of all our incredible offers over at My28Grams, that we think you’ll really enjoy – such as:

  • Our FREE OUNCE loyalty program!
  • Refer a Friend rewards!
  • See new products FIRST!
  • Regular exclusive offers!
We know this is a big change, so we’re giving you $10 over at the new site for sticking with us through this new transition!
Use the code OUNCEBUDDY at checkout.
Have a wonderful day, and we’ll see you in our new green digs 💚


The Ounce Buddy / My28Grams Team

FAQ - have questions?


You can call or text us between 10:00am and 8:00pm MST on either the Ounce Buddy or My28Grams phone lines to chat with our customer service:




There will be no change to how you can order, or how fast you get your order!

Ounce buddy operations have always been out of the same HQ as My28grams – based in Calgary AB. So everything with your delivery will be the same!

Yes, we will send you your updated EMT payment info as soon as you place your first order on the new site.

If you’re local to Calgary / area, you can even pay in CASH now!

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but the Ounce Buddy site can be a little glitchy here and there. So we decided it made more sense to offer our customers (you) a better fix-all solution, than keep trying to put bandaids on a glitchy website. You deserve better 💚

Plus, it gives us a great opportunity to introduce you to our new loyalty programs, and referral rewards deals!