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Pre Rolls

Order pre rolls online for quick joint delivery when you order in Canada!  Canada’s best quality cheapest packs of joints delivered quick to your Canadian address.

Buy Pre Rolls & Pre Rolled Joint Packs Online in Canada

Pre Rolls

Buy Pre rolls online in Canada!  Ounce Buddy is your trusted source for quality pre rolls every time you light up.  Pre rolls are cones filled with weed, nearly 1 gram in each. 

Pre Rolled Joints (Packs)

Pre rolled joints are exactly what they sound like, joints pre rolled for you to enjoy.  These aren’t single joints, they are packs of joints rolled with your favorite strains.  Enjoy packs of preroll joints with quick delivery across Canada, and free shipping on all orders over $129. At Ounce Buddy you will find a variety of strains broken down into 3 packs of joints.